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Electrical Test And Tag (Three Phase)

Three Phase Electrical Test-min

Like a single-phase appliance, three-phase equipment also needs tagging & testing according to Australian standards as it is very crucial in electrical safety inside the workplace.

For many single phase earthed appliances, an earth continuity and insulation test is sufficient to test the electrical integrity of the appliance. However, the Australian standard specifies that for appliances that must be energized to be in the ‘on’ position a current leakage test shall be performed. For that reason, many single phase appliances also require a current leakage test. 3-Phase appliances are no different in this respect.

Three Phase Testing Services In perth

If you are looking for Three Phase Testing Services in Perth then Tagee is one of the best option for you to go with. Tagee is one of the well known and most trustful Three Phase Testing service provider in perth. we have great technicians who will test your electrical equipments and tag them effectively.

Our Tagee technicians have successfully completed certification in the following area. They have all the relevant skills and experience to test and tag the 3 phase testing. Not only are their communication abilities impressive, but their teamwork skills and dedication to the task also leave them speechless.

At tagee, all technicians have expertise, relevant knowledge & skills to perform the 3 phase Appliance Testing Services. If you are looking for specialist electricians that can undertake the three-phase testing task efficiently and troubleshoot malfunctions of it, we are the ultimate choice. We focus on the safety precautions required while performing repair tasks for you. Hire our exclusive Three Phase Testing service and enjoy a stress-free life for a long time.

Why Be Three Phase Testing Required?

Generally, three-phase testing includes testing, inspection, labeling, and recording results. We at Tagee use advanced methods & tools as a Phase Sequence Tester to ensure there is no earth leakage and dangerous currents and no appliances are faulty. Our expert technicians make sure that if there is any running current over 5mA that is unsafe, it won’t clear the test.

Once the earth leakage test gets completed, we perform earth continuity and insulation resistance tests (IR tests). Moreover, our specialist technicians perform the earth continuity test to calculate and test the resistance of the protective earth of the appliance. We perform the test by calculating accessible earthed parts and the pin of the appliance plug using a 3 Phase Tester. In the end, the insulation resistance test helps determine the integrity of the wires of the particular appliance. If the apparatus clears all the tree tests, we tag it safe to use. So, it is time to book our services if you want to avoid hazards that can damage your reputation and goodwill in the market and may cause severe consequences like electrocution and fires.

Three Phase Testing Costs

Specific 3 Phase Sequence Tester adaptors can be used with single-phase appliance testers to test 3-phase appliances. They typically consist of a 3-phase extension lead socket coupled to a single-phase plug.

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