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Fire Pump Sets

Fire pumps are used in water-based fire protection systems. They help to distribute water throughout the sprinkler system so every part of the building is protected in case of a fire.

Fire pumps are responsible for increasing the water pressure in order to reach the pressure demand for the building or space they’re used in. For high-rise buildings or expansive spaces like warehouses, if the existing water supply cannot provide adequate pressure to deliver water along all parts of the sprinkler system, a fire pump is required.

Fire pump systems are high-pressure water systems designed to drastically improve the fire-fighting capacity of a building through providing powerful water flow to suppress fire hazards.

The following testing is required for Fire Pump Systems (as per Australian Standards);
– Monthly standard test
– 6 monthly extended test
– 12 monthly flow test
– 5 yearly detailed test

Fire Pump Sales, Maintenance, Testing & Installation Services in Perth

Keeping fire pumps in good working condition is essential in ensuring your fire protection system is ready to act in emergency situations. Tagee specializes in inspection and maintenance of all kinds of sprinkler fire pumps.

Our professional and experienced team strictly follow the rules and industry practices. Our qualified engineers and technicians have undergone training and are also certified to carry out Fire Pump Testing in compliance with Australian Standards. Our expert team ensures that fire pumps are not only maintained well, but also compliant to the latest rules and regulations. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial building, Tagee will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and offer the best solution to ensure your fire pump system works effectively in the event of fire or any emergency.

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