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Fire Hose Reels play an important role in controlling a fire in its earliest development stages, potentially preventing significant property damage, injury or even loss of life. With proper training, building occupants can assess a fire to see whether it is within their capabilities to safely use a Fire Hose Reel to control or extinguish a developing fire. We provide fixed and swing arm hose reels, along with all the spare parts you may require to install or repair a fire hose reel.  Fire hose reels should be installed in accordance with AS2441:2005.

Our delivery services for Fire Hose Reels are available of our AUSTRALIA WIDE to all cities. Get in touch for details

Fire Hose Reel Sales, Testing, Installation Services in Perth

Fire hose reels are located at strategic locations in buildings to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water for fire extinguishing. They are designed to suppress Class A (wood, paper and plastics fires). We provide fire hose reel servicing to maximize your fire safety protection. Having your fire hose reel serviced ensures that it is in the best shape to fight a fire and identifies any misuse that could contribute to reducing its effectiveness.

Fire hose reels are permanently connected  to either the water mains or water tanks. Ensuring your Fire Hose Reels are ready for action is critical to both their performance and the safety of the user. Tagee’s technicians are highly experienced in inspection, testing and maintenance of these critical first attack firefighting components. Our on call service provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week phone and on-site support, ensuring the reliability of your equipment.

Our fire hose reel servicing is carried out in accordance with the Australian standard 1851 on a 6 monthly basis. Our technicians will inspect and test your equipment to certify that you are fully compliant with required standards and legislation. If your fire hose reel does not meet the pressure requirements or is damaged, we also provide repair services.

For expert fire hose reel servicing, contact Tagee Fire Protection today. Our experienced technicians provide testing and tagging services for all fire hose reels. We are committed to providing the best service and performing thorough inspections of fire hose reels and other safety equipment.

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