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Microwave Leakage Testing

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Microwaves are the most used electrical appliances everywhere, whether at home or the workplace. Typically, individuals don’t pay much attention to microwave maintenance in terms of leakage levels that might be risky to their health. However, microwave ovens are designed to seal in microwave radiation to prevent leakage outside and inside the appliance. Still, over time, you may feel the signs of wear and tear causing harmful radiation through the leakage from inside and outside.

At Tagee we suggest repairing or replacing the unit. Our technicians will Test and tag each microwave with a special sticker on the front door and submit thorough details for your records. Tagee has experienced and qualified technicians who offer a detailed on-site leakage inspection test, ensuring you won’t get hurt. It follows all the safety standards according to AS/NZS 60335.2.25. Hire our service today to enhance the output efficiency of the appliance.

Microwave Leakage Testing Services in Perth

At Tagee we provide Microwave Leakage Testing Services in all over perth. Tagee has many years of experience in Microwave Leakage Testing and Tagging. We suggest you to get Microwave Leakage Test done to assess the radiation levels. It is necessary to take safety precautions to prevent microwave radiation leakage. Our exclusive Microwave Radiation Leakage testing services help keep your appliance according to Australian Standards.

We at Tagee provide microwave oven radiation and safety inspections by doing a three-point safety check. Firstly, we perform a physical damage inspection, then a power output inspection to calculate wattage, and finally, the radiation leakage inspection. Moreover, we use advanced tools and hi-tech to measure radiation and prepare a report. So, if you want to protect your family from serious health hazards of microwave leakage, such as a weakened immune system, burns, cancer, etc..

Microwave Leakage Testing Includes

At Tagee we highly recommend getting microwave leakage testing done to enjoy the long-term benefits. Once you hire our services, our expert technician will visit your place with Microwave Radiation Tester to ensure no excessive radiation emissions.  Normally, the Microwave Leak Test Includes.

  •  A three-point safety check and a thorough examination of the power outputs of the microwave to determine their proper functioning.
  •  A physical damage inspection ensures the correct functionality and protection in line with Australian Standards.
  • Tracking and data management procedure through barcoding microwave units.
  • Finally, put a certification label on the front door stating its radiation & power levels.

Tagee’s Experienced Technicians

If you want to keep the microwave running efficiently, hire our expert services to secure your employees from harmful radiation damage at the workplace. We highly recommend not to avoid the radiation leakage issues as there may be crucial issues to be identified and resolved quickly & sufficiently. Hire experts from Tagee for microwave leakage testing to avoid further consequences. Call us today.

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