Fire & Electrical Testing Services

Digital Reporting

Digital report

Once you hire us, we record the results in the Report Template to accurately inform you about the equipment’s operational status. We at Tagge ensure to perform electrical safety, Fire and Security testing and tagging precisely to deliver the outcomes quickly and timely. Contact us today to have Test and Tag equipment to avoid serious consequences.

Electrical Test & Tag Digital Reporting Perth

Electrical Test & tag process focuses on inspecting electrical appliances & pieces of equipment used in the industry. Testing ensures that the appliances are functioning precisely or not. And tagging is a procedure to display the results in a documented form. At Tagee, we aim to deliver a focused Test and Tag Report Perth so that you come to know about how to utilize the pieces of equipment safely and adequately. It will allow your organization into compliance with current security & safety requirements.  We provide you with an Electrical Test and Tag Register Template filled with the data about the equipment’s current functioning status in document form.

Electrical Test and Tag Register Template includes information such as;

  •       Asset number.
  •       Narrative of the device to be tested.
  •       Tests types.
  •       Electrical Test Dates.
  •       Location of conducted tests.
  •       Results of Electrical Test.
  •       Transformations in the appliances (if any).
  •       Results of the inspection.

Fire Safety & Security Test & Digital Reporting Perth

When Fire Safety and Security Systems are connected monitors your premises/building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fire Safety and Security Equipment Tests are integral to the safety of your employees and to your premises. Fire safety and Security Systems testing is crucial in maintaining the correct operation of the fire protection system and evidence in the form of a logbook may be requested by your insurance company or Work safe in the event of an emergency situation.

At Tagee our Fire Safety & Security System testing is carried out according to the relevant Australian Standards.

We provide Digital Reporting for your Fire Safety And Security Systems for providing quality checks & ensuring your fire Safety and Security system is running properly and effectively., we’ll also provide the following:

  • Honest advice on safety
  • Unmatched level of experience
  • Competitive pricing on additional services or products
  • Can provide testing certificates

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