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Electrical Test And Tag (Single Phase)


Electrical test and tag cover many different areas of inspection and measurement. Testing ensures that electrical systems are functioning properly, and it helps employers meet regulations and industry standards. There are different types of electrical testing, and they must meet specific government standards. Testing should be performed over the life of the equipment, and the intervals between inspections vary.

Regular testing of electrical equipment is recommended before putting it into use. Different classes of equipment require different inspections at different intervals. Frequent inspections are recommended for factories and workshops, while residential type areas require less frequent testing. A properly tested electrical system can protect the environment and employees. Many electrical devices are susceptible to heat, moisture, and dust. They can even suffer unexpected damage if they have outdated or defective electrical connections. Proper electrical testing can protect your devices from unexpected damage.

Electrical Test and Tag Services In Perth

At Tagee we provide the most efficient Electrical Test and Tag Services In All Over Perth, Australia. We ensure you meet Australian Standards for Electrical Test and Tagging of all equipment (ASNZS 3760/2010) in your workplace. We have many years of experience working in this industry.  Along with Electrical Test and Tag we provide RCD And Safety Switch Testing, Microwave Leakage Testing, Exit and Emergency Light Testing, Three Phase Testing and Online Digital Reporting Services in Perth.

We have been helping businesses and homeowners many years through electrical testing to carefully monitor their electrical appliances and ensure one-hundred percent safety. We believe that occupational health and safety are the number one priority. However, we also find that is all too often ignored for the sake of convenience or budget.


Our test and tag technicians have the skills, the equipment, and the experience to check all of your electrical equipment and safety switches and ensure that they are up to standard. We provide an outstanding level of service to our customers at an affordable price.

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