Fire Equipment Testing

Fire extinguisher test and tagging in Perth

At Tagee we want to be your first call for all Fire Safety Services in Perth and Regional WA. We provide all the required tests to ensure you are compliant including Fire Hose Test & Tagging, Fire Extinguisher Test & Tagging, Fire Blanket Test & Tagging, Exit Light Testing, Fire Hydrant Testing. In addition, we provide sales and installation of all your Fire Equipment and signs to ensure you are fully WHS/OHS compliant.

Fire Extinguisher Testing (6 Monthly, Annual & 5 Yearly Pressure Testing)

Fire Equipment Sales

Fire Equipment Installation

Fire Blankets (6 Monthly)

Fire Hose Reels (6 Month & Annual)

Fire Doors (6 Monthly & Annual)

Fire Hose Test and Tagging

Fire blanket Test and Tagging

Fire Equipment Testing

Smoke Alarm Testing

Fire Hydrant Testing

Emergency and Exit Light Testing

Site audit

Spill Kit Inspection

Fire Hydrant Test and Tagging